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"Going Green"

Adventures in the Life
of Tina the “Green” Termite (continued)

A Green Home is a Happy Home!

Inside and out your home can be greener. For instance, if you are getting ready to buy new kitchen appliances, why not consider more efficient models. Although priced a little higher than standard models, you may see savings that pay for the difference in just a few years ...or less!
  Even if you upgrading for the sale of your home, spending a little more can reap greater rewards through additional value or a quicker sale. I suggest you talk with Dennis Doll  - "Your Agent of Tomorrow...Today" , about the best enhancements to do in preparation for that sale.  

There are many sources for checking out "Green" Building products but I suggest you start with the
Federal Government Sites. These are consumer friendly and you can feel a little more assured of the data. Since they give information in a non-commercial way. There are some other great sites though, like the Green Guide from National Geographic . On this site you can select items for both inside an outside your home. they also have a good Energy Quiz you can take.

You might want to start by taking an energy review of your home. The
Energy Yardstick  is a site where you can compare your home with those in other parts of the country. Or try an Energy Audit for Home Improvements, before your begin.

There are countless other sites available that discuss such issues as
water conservation and what you can do.  To get more specific about the simple things you can do right now ...on a budget, visit places like Light Bulb   to find out what you can save just by changing out a light bulb. Or if you are in the remodeling mode, try  one of these: Doors & Windows Heating and Cooling ,   Water Heating ,  Appliances,  Flooring

Is your home a little drafty, try 
Sealing your Home . I also know that some of you are really into items such as 65" Flat Panels, and surround sound systems. Nothing wrong with that, make a visit to  Home Electronics to see which ones are best for you and your energy budget.

That is just the tip of the iceberg.  Try visiting websites to what I call "sane green" sites. (remember I'm not a tree hugger - I eat them) These sites are environmentally responsible but practice a common sense approach to being "green".  You can even visit sites of cities that have made big changes in how they build and expand: like Greensburg, Kansas where a huge tornado virtually wiped out the town a few years ago. Today the town is rebuilding using "Green" technology in every way possible.  A city that until 2007 was only known for the "Worlds Largest Hand Dug Well" is now a world leader in environmental building techniques. I guess the "green" in the name was providential!

Many times buying a newer home may be more practical than a complete renovation of an older home to a "green" model. You can begin doing that right here.  "SEARCH for a Home"

In the future I will be adding more places for you to visit so be sure to check back from time to time.


                                                                            be continued

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