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"IN THE WALL" STREET NEWS: 30 Ways in 30 Days to a Greener Home

Earth Day 2011...30 Ways to Go Green!


 Green is GOOD! 30 Ways to a Greener Today. Be it Recycling, Saving, Reusing, Collecting, etc. Everyone can have a GREENER day. 
It is not necessary to join a commune or traipse off to the jungles to live green. In fact the more THOUGHT we give to GREEN the better off we all can be. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to do the thinking either. YOU can make a difference. YOU can be enlightened with an idea that may change the world. A simple spark, and fleeting idea, just thinking outside the bulb can change everything!

Recycle the Box!

 Almost any item you purchase has been packaged in cardboard or some other container that can be recycled. Recycle That Box! 

Time to Think Outside This Box!

 Your TV & Electronics may be costing you a lot of $$! Check out your energy rating and see what TV is the best energy buy.   

Wood You Be My Valentine?

  I will accept any type of WOOD for Valentines Day. Houses make Great gifts! Go Green Home Search is a Great Place to Start. 

Blow Up the Box!

 Noooooo! Not the explosive way!? Use Wind Energy to power your home. Don't have a wind turbine? Buy Wind Power from Your Electric Company. 

Green Up the Box!

 Now is the time for all good men (and termites too!)  to come to the aid of their planet. Live Green : It can be fun and save you $$$!  

 The Air in the Box Goes Round and Round...

 The Air around us recycles constantly, but vapors, gases, chemicals get dumped into it faster than it can clean itself. We all need to make an effort to do our part in cleaning it up. (but that is another day) Are you breathing clean air? Check your Air Quality Today 

 FREE Water From the Box

Clean water can be a scarce resource.  Your home can be a good source of rainwater water for your yard and garden. Rain Barrels are easy to install and can save you on your monthly water bill. 

 "GREENING UP" the Box

Today is a great day to think about "GREEN" in a different way. Need $8000 BUCKS? Federal Tax Credits are available to some Military Home Buyers. Is today your day to get a check from your Uncle Sam?

10  Seeing Through the Box?

Glass is a wonderful thing. We can see through it, drink from it, and much more. It is easy to recycle and can be used over and over again.  Why not Recycle your Glass today.  It is easy to do!  

 Cleaning up the Box

Time for a change in the Laundry Room? Energy Star Appliances for the Laundry, not only save you money but save water and electricity too. 

12   Freshen theAir in the Box?

Feeling a little woozy after painting the living room? (you should see how us termites react to that smell!) Next time try using either Low or No VOC Paint. Customer demand is driving large providers to meet your needs!

Think How to Pay for the Box?

Do you want to buy a home, but know you will need cash to furnish and update it after you close? Well Uncle Sam has some GREEN for you! The answer may be in the 2010 Home Buyer Tax Credits now available to some Military and Government employee Home Buyers. These First Time Buyers can get up to $8000  Check it out!  

Think Inside the Box?

Drafty homes make us all uncomfortable in the winter, lead to higher energy bills and have a negative impact on the environment. There are several answers to this dilema. One is to insulate, seal and update your home. Sometimes homeowners cannot afford to make these changes and finding a new more energy efficient home is the answer. In either case Tax Credits may be available to help. 

15   Think Outside the Forest?

Worldwide, forests are disappearing at an incredible rate. By using Sustainable woods in home construction and remodeling that number could be drastically reduced.

16   Think Outside the Bowl?

Toilet Bowl...that is. One of the biggest users of clean water in your home is the toilet. New products are available to help reduce water usage and still give you a clean environment. Dual Flush Toilets will reduce your water usage.

17   Think Outside the BULB?

Green comes in many colors. Now available: the LED (Light-Emitting Diode). LED's provide an alternative to energy draining light bulbs at a fraction of the operating cost. They cost more, but considering some I bought recently, the annual energy cost was estimated at  16 CENTS! With that kind of savings you could Buy a New House!

Think Outside the Computer?

Green Computing Technology is here. Recycling of old high tech devices such as computers, printers, monitors, drives, circuit boards and just about every part of the high tech world, is available. The entrepreneural spirit is growing GREEN. This small company is doing its part to make the world a little cleaner and greener. Check it out!  Handling e-Waste Rouend Computing.

19   Think Below the Floor?

New Carpet is great, but the odors emitted can be hazardous to pets and people. Low VOC Carpeting can be found at most retailers. Not only is it made from environmentally friendly materials but also with little or no harmful odors.  Many builders today use green friendly products. Maybe your answer is to Search for a New Home.

Think Outside the Earth?

Solar Energy is a good way to cash-in on FREE power. Not only is the energy from the Sun Free but with Federal Tax Credits for Solar Energy Systems the cost of the system can be greatly reduced and the investment payback period shortened. Just another way to GET GREEN. Other Federal Tax Credits are available when you Buy a Home.

21   Think Above the Ground?

Tired of buying expensive fertilizer for your garden or plants? Tired of stuffing vegetable peelings etc. down the garbage disposal. Maybe you don't have a disposal at all? Why not try Composting? Its and easy way to recycle vegetable waste  in your home. You could even build your own Compost Bin.  

 22   Think Outside the Lake?

Drinking water quality has deteriorated in the past few years to the point that millions of people rely on bottled water for drinking. There are alternatives to buying plastic bottles.  

23   Think Outside the Box?

Christmas is a great time to save paper! You can donate your old Christmas Cards to kids who recycle them. Or reuse boxes from year to year. Box to large for the package you are shipping? Try cutting it down to size. Just one more way to do your part to make life a little Greener!

24   Think Inside the Windows?

Wanna Get Audited! Just take this Energy Test to see if you pass the Energy Audit. Another way to Green Up your life. 

25   Think Outside the Pesticide?

Green Pesticides are those thought to be more environmentally friendly. There is still a catch though, in some cases, a few of these "natural cures" for a pest problem may be more dangerous than the synthetic chemicals they replace

26   Think Outside the Lake!

With more people on the planet every day, clean water is harder to find. You could do your part with some simple changes at home.  
Like Water Sense Labeled faucets. 

27   Think Outside the Printer!

Not only are they expensive, but also, print cartridges are an enormous source of waste. Refilled with new ink, these “Plastic Icons” of today’s technological society can be used again-and-again. Not only saving you money but reducing landfill trash and the energy used to produce them.

28   Think Outside the Bank!

Need Cash to GREEN UP your life? Green is Good, but the up-front cost can be out of reach for many budgets. Federal Tax Credits are available for some military people who purchase a home. Check it Out!

29   Think Outside the Kitchen!

Many appliances in use today were made during the not-so-green earas of the last century. Consider upgrading to more energy efficient ones. Most new appliances use less energy, water, etc. to do the same (or better) job as their predecessors. If you are planning to sell your home soon new appliances are a major factor for buyers when choosing a home. Upgraded kitchens make your place outshine the competition...and they work better too!   

30   Think Outside the Bulb!

Change one light bulb in your house or apartment to a comparable compact fluorescent bulb each day for the next 30 days! (You will likely run out of days before running out of bulbs) ....but if you have more than 30 ... just keep going!  Those old incandescent bulbs will be out of produciton in the next few years anyway. So why wait?

                                                                                            ....Time to THINK outside the BULB!

                                                                             GREETINGS EARTH-DAY-LINGS

The Adventures of Tina the Termite!

Hi, I'm Tina the Termite.  Yes! Even us termites are going green these days! You see, we run around inside the walls of your house
and see all that is going on it there. Wow! What confusion...Some of you are looking for ways to Save The Planet...I can help you with
that. Others are looking for ways to Save the Cash. I can help with that too. Whichever fits you, continue on to see what's in store for
you today.

Whether it's Going Green to save the planet or going for Green stuff ...Tina the Termite says READ MY LIPS!  It's time to go GREEN

              More Adventures of Tina The Termite                            Get $8000 BUCKS

     A Green Home is a Happy Home!

Inside and out your home can be greener. For instance, if you are getting ready to buy new kitchen appliances, why not consider
more efficient models. Although priced a little higher than standard models, you may see savings that pay for the difference in just
a few years ...or less!
  Even if you upgrading for the sale of your home, spending a little more can reap greater rewards through
additional value or a quicker sale. I suggest you talk with Dennis Doll  - "Your Agent of Tomorrow...Today" , about the best 
enhancements to do in preparation for that sale.  

There are many sources for checking out "Green" Building products but I suggest you start with the
Federal Government Sites.
These are consumer friendly and you can feel a little more assured of the data. Since they give information in a non-commercial way.
There are some other great sites though, like the
Green Guide from National Geographic . On this site you can select items for both
inside an outside your home. they also have a good Energy Quiz you can take.

You might want to start by taking an energy review of your home. The
Energy Yardstick  is a site where you can compare your
home with those in other parts of the country. Or try an
Energy Audit for Home Improvements, before your begin.

There are countless other sites available that discuss such issues as
water conservation and what you can do.  To get more
specific about the simple things you can do right now ...on a budget,
visit places like Light Bulb   to find out what you can save
just by changing out a light bulb. Or if you are in the remodeling mode, try  one of these:
Doors & Windows Heating and Cooling ,  
Water Heating ,  Appliances,  Flooring

Is your home a little drafty, try 
Sealing your Home . I also know that some of you are really into items such as 65" Flat Panels, and
surround sound systems. Nothing wrong with that, make a visit to  
Home Electronics to see which ones are best for you and your
energy budget.

That is just the tip of the iceberg.  Try visiting websites to what I call "sane green" sites. (remember I'm not a tree hugger - I eat them)
These sites are environmentally responsible but practice a common sense approach to being "green".  You can even visit sites
of cities that have made big changes in how they build and expand: like
Greensburg, Kansas where a huge tornado virtually wiped
out the town a few years ago. Today the town is rebuilding using "Green" technology in every way possible.  A city that until 2007
was only known for the "Worlds Largest Hand Dug Well" is now a world leader in environmental building techniques. I guess the
"green" in the name was providential!

Many times buying a newer home may be more practical than a complete renovation of an older home to a "green" model. You can
begin doing that right here.  "SEARCH for a Home"

In the future I will be adding more places for you to visit so be sure to check back from time to time.


NEW!  You can also            

Want to know more about growing into green? Why not check out the Home Energy Yardstick to find out how
GREEN you are... or can be!

Old Daily Bites

GO GREEN! Time to Recycle. There are homes in your neighborhood that are
looking for a new owner to take care of them. Is that you?

Time to THINK outside the BULB!

GO FOR GREEN! Been quietly listening for a while. 
Voices inside the walls say: THE RECESSION IS OVER! 
I guess I need to go shout it from the rooftops!

Ode to #GREEN
Oh the Rain,
maketh the wood so fine.
I then do dine,
but always with the Grain.

GO GREEN: If every household in America replaced one 60watt Incandescent bulb
with an equivalent Compact Fluorescent. It would equal taking 1.5 million cars off the road.

GO GREEN: If today is trash day, why not recycle a few items. Glass, Newspaper, plastics, etc??
Check with your local recycle center for more information. Find yours here:

GO GREEN: Start a GREEN Friday Routine. Do Just one thing to Green up your space.

GO GREEN: Even a little goes a long way.
This entrepreneur combines high tech with eco-friendly disposal. 

GO GREEN: Green is to Living as Technology is to Business.
The two go hand in hand and are changing rapidly.

GO GREEN: As the country shifts to alternative sources;
Wind Farms are having an effect on land pricing in windy areas.

Be Greener: Buying a Resale Home uses a fraction of the resources of a new one.
If you are the 3rd or 4th owner even less. If you renovate with Green in mind, a whole lot less!

A New Home can save up to 10,000 gal of water per year.
Buying a New Home, can get you up to $23,800 CASH! THIS YEAR. 

Did you know that the 100 Watt Incandescent light bulb will no longer be available after January 1, 2012!
Did you know that the $8000 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit will no longer be available after April 30, 2010

Did you know that the 60 Watt Incandescent light bulb will no longer be available after January 1, 2013!
Did you know that the $8000 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit will no longer be available after April 30, 2010!

The 40 Watt Incandescent light bulb will no longer be available after January 1, 2014!
The $8000 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit will no longer be available after April 30, 2010
**If the light bulb is outlawed, will ideas appear over our heads as CFL's**

Did you know that replacing your current PC with a new one could reduce it's energy usage by 85%! While...
Buying a new home could get you $8000+$1800+$14000. Sounds like it is time for a NEW HOME! 
Time to Think outside the Bulb!

The 12 GREEN Days of JANUARY!
(30 ways in 30 days to a greener home will return in January)
Energy Star Appliances
...Eleven Reams of Recycled Paper
...Ten LED Light Strings
... Nine Rooms of Bamboo Flooring
... Eight - Thousand Greenbacks
... Seven  Dual Flush Toilets 
SIXty- Five Hundred Dollars
...FIVE   S O L A R   A R R A Y S.
Compact Fluorescents 
THREE   Recycle Bins
... TWO   Turtle Necks.
Cartridge of Refilled Ink.


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