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Going Green

Adventures in the Life
of Tina the “Green” Termite


Remember me? I'm Tina the Termite.  ...the Green Termite! Running around the walls of your house we see all that
is going on it there. Boy! some of you are really wasting energy and creating a real drain on the environment.  Some of
you are even still using really bad stuff to try to kill us termites off! You know there are environmentally friendly ways
of doing that ...and we don't even mind.  After all God put us here to clean up the mess trees leave around...and we do
it environmentally friendly!

But I'm not here to talk about me. I'm here to talk about what you can do to change the way you impact the world
around you. No, I'm not a tree hugger... after all I believe they are mighty tasty!  I am here to talk about sensible
ways you can live a greener life without giving up your lifestyle. I'm all about finding ways for you to live in the fashion
you've become accustomed, but....with a green twist.

Check out my site and see all about Green Homes and what you can do to be more Green! You can even find out how to
take a current home from "Brown" to "Green".  There are lots of simple suggestions, but remember, we termites don't
expect to eat the house in one big bite, but eat it by taking one small bite at a time.

If you wish, you can Click below to begin your home search right now. No they are not all "Green" fact not
many of them meet any of the "Green" classifications right now....but you humans are making progress. Soon you will
be able to search green certifications as more of you catch on to saving money and saving the planet all at the same time. 

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